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Looking up at the mountains and down worlds end, strolling the Beaches gasping the salty wind down your nostrils, you'll wonder for yourself, oh what a world this is, not knowing that you're in Sri Lanka, the Small Miracle.

  • Anuradhapura


    Anuradhapura, ( අනුරාධපුරය in Sinhala , அனுராதபுரம் in Tamil ), is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka , famous for its well-preserved ruins of ancient Lankan civilization.

    The city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site , lies 205 km north of the current capital Colomboin Sri Lanka's North Central Province , on the banks of the historic Malvathu Oya . It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and one of the eight World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka .

    From the 4 th century BC, it was the capital of Sri Lanka until the beginning of the 11 th century AD. During this period it remained one of the most stable and durable centers of political power and urban life in South Asia. The ancient city, considered sacred to the Buddhist world, is today surrounded by monasteries covering an area of over sixteen square miles (40 kmē).

  • Polonnaruwa


    After ruling the country for over 1,200 years from the Kingdom of Anuradhapura , Sri Lankan kings decide to move their capital to Polonnaruwa , as it was further inland from Anuradhapuraand therefore gave them more time to organize defenses in times of foreign invasion. Polonnaruwa had previously been an important settlement in the country, as it commanded the crossings of the Mahaweli Ganga towards Anuradhapura.

    Some of the rulers of Polonnaruwa include Vijayabahu I and Parakramabahu I ( Parakramabahu the Great). Most of Polonnaruwa that remains today dates from after the 1150s, as the extensive civil wars that preceded Parakramabahu's accession to the throne devastated the city.

  • Dambulla


    The city of Dambulla is situated in the Matale District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka , situated 148 km north-east of Colombo and 72 km north of Kandy .

    Major attractions of the city include the largest and best preserved cave temple complex of Sri Lanka, and the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium , famous for being built in just 167 days. The city also boasts to have the largest rose quartz mountain range in South Asia , and the Iron wood forest, or Namal Uyana .

    Ibbankatuwa prehistoric burial site near Dambulla cave temple complexes is the latest archaeological site of significant historical importance found in Dambulla , which is located within 3 kilometers of the cave temples providing evidence on presence of indigenous civilisations long before the arrival of Indian influence on the Island nation.

  • Sigiriya


    Sigiriya (Lion's rock, Sinhalese - සීගිරිය ) is a large stone and ancient rock fortress and palace ruin in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka , surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures. A popular tourist destination, Sigiriya is also renowned for its ancient paintings ( frescos ), which are reminiscent of the Ajanta Caves ofIndia . It is one of the eight World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka . It is also declared by UNESCO as the 8th Wonder of the World.

    Sigiriya may have been inhabited through prehistoric times. It was used as a rock-shelter mountain monastery from about the 5th century BC, with caves prepared and donated by devotees of the Buddhist Sangha . According to the chronicles as Mahavamsa the entire complex was built by King Kashyapa (AD 477 - 495), and after the king's death, it was used as a Buddhist monastery until 14th century.

    The Sigiri inscriptions were deciphered by the archaeologist Senarath Paranavithana in his renowned two-volume work, published by Cambridge, Sigiri Graffiti and also Story of Sigiriya.



    Kandy ( Sinhala : මහ නුවර Maha Nuvara , pronounced [ mahaˈnuʋərə ] Tamil : கண்டி kaṇṭi , pronounced [ˈ kaɳɖi ] ) is a city in the center of Sri Lanka . It was the last capital of the ancient kings' era of Sri Lanka. The city lies in the midst of hills in the Kandy plateau , which crosses an area of tropical plantations, mainly tea. Kandy is one of the most scenic cities in Sri Lanka; it is both an administrative and religious city. It is the capital of the Central Province (which encompasses the districts of Kandy, Matale and Nuwara Eliya ) and also of Kandy District . Kandy is the home of The Temple of the Tooth Relic ( Sri Dalada Maligawa ), one of the most venerable places for the Buddhist community of Sri Lanka and all around the world. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988.

    Nuwara Eliya

    Nuwara Eliya

    Nuwara Eliya ( Sinhala : නුවරඑළිය [ nuːrɛliːjə ] Tamil : நுவரேலியா ), meaning "city on the plain (table land)" or "city of light", is a town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka with a picturesque landscape and temperate climate. It is located at an altitude of 1,868 m (6,128 ft) and is considered to be the most important location for Tea production in Sri Lanka . The town is overlooked by Pidurutalagala , the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka , and bares the coolest climate.



    Kitulgala - The location famous for adventure sports such as bird watching, adventure gaming and the most attractive of all, white water rafting. This is also the site where David Lean's world famous film "Bridge over River Kwai " was filmed.

    • Bentota


      Bentota - Facing the Indian Ocean, a tropical lagoon and a major river Bentota offers water sports possibilities nowhere else to be found. The name comes from a mythical story which dates back to kings time saying a demon called Bem ruled this river ( tota = river bank).   Bentota also delivers an ancient art of healing called Ayurveda . The city   is famous for itstoddy production, an alcoholic beverage made out of coconut nectar.



      Colombo, Sri Lanka 's capital, biggest city and major port, draws together all the colours and cultures that make up this island nation, condenses them into a patchwork of markets, gardens and buildings both humble and grand, and knocks them against a narrow slab of beachfront.